Antepost Football Betting

Antepost Football BettingAnte Post betting is one of the most popular forms of football betting. It is when you place a bet an outcome of a football competition in advance of the event finishing.

The most popular antepsot football bet is which team will win the Premier League betting however; antepost betting is popular for all the other English football leagues. Many people place an antepost accumulator bet on which four teams they think will win each of the four leagues with this type of bet often providing big windfalls for those lucky enough to correctly predict the winners of all four leagues.

The biggest benefit of betting antepost on football is that you are getting a potentially bigger price about your selection given that the final league tables are a long way off being determined, a lot can happen in a season and so bookmakers change the prices of who is going to win the different leagues on a regular basis.

For example, if you back a team to win a particular league in August at odds of 16/1 and that team goes on to win seven of their first ten matches of the season and is top of the tableĀ in October the odds of that team will be much shorter more likely around 4/1 and therefore you will have a good value bet.

Ante Post Betting on English Football Leagues

Antepost betting is offered on all English League and Cup competitions with the outright winner being the most popular type of antepost bet. However, bookmakers are now starting to offer a more diverse range of antepost markets. Other popular antepsot markets include:

Top Goalscorer - odds are offered on who will be the top goalscorer in a given league over the course of a season.

Betting without the big four - The Premier League is often thought to be a four horse race between the big four clubs, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. These four teams are the short priced favourites to in the league and therefore could detract from fans of other clubs placing antepost football bets. However, english football betting without the big four allows people to predict which team will finish highest in the Premier League if ignoring the positions of the four named clubs.

Handicap Betting - Bookmakers set the betting on a given league allocating the same odds to each team, usually in the region of 16/1 field. Each team is then given a fictional number of points whereby whatever number of points a team finishes on at the end of the season, the Bookmaker's handicap points are added to that total create a hypothetical league table which is different from the official table. By allocating handicap points to each team it is intended to 'even out' the field giving the teams ranked as outsiders the chance to finish above the favourites in the football betting odds when receiving a point's head start.

Relegation Betting - This has become is very popular betting marketplace, you can bet on which team or teams you feel will be relegated this season. Many people go for the teams that have recently been promoted up a division or have had a close shave the previous season. You are able to bet on whether they will become the bottom of the league or just to be relegated out of their current league.

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